The Sun Inn (Sprout House)

Situated on the Helmsley to Stokesley road lies the Sun Inn (when a family cottage it was known as Spout house). Built originally in the 1500s the inn is one of the finest examples of a cruck framed cottage in existence today. First built as a farm tenants cottage before being licensed to sell alcohol and named as the Sun Inn in 1714. Records show that at one time there were 14 members of one family living there and that wasnt counting any guests that stayed overnight too! The old Sun Inn closed its doors to the public in 1914 when it was replaced by the new Sun Inn built close by. Bilsdale Hunt was associated with the Sun Inn for many years and a hunting "pink" is still hung in the old inn today. Although still privately owned by the family who have owned it since 1823 its now cared for by the National Parks.
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