Harewood Church

The Church lies in the grounds of Harewood House and was built in its current form around 1410, although there is evidence to suggest an earlier one was built around the 12th century. The Monuments in the church are made from Alabaster a kind of Gypsum, its easily worked, is very smooth and it can be made to offer lots of detail too. The church is unused for worship, its now looked after by The Churches Conservation Trust who had the Monuments dismantled and cleaned in 1979-81. The Church is open for visiting at the same visiting times as Harewood House grounds. In the past worshippers used an underground entrance to the Church grounds which is very unusual, the whole of the Churchyard is walled except for a 5 Bar gate at one end, the underground way was obviously a shortcut used by the residents of the main house in past times. Visitors nowadays have to go in through the main Church door and back out of another smaller one to get into the churchyard, the underground entrance cant be used.